South Korean Women Projected to Outlive Everyone: Here's What We Can Learn From Them! by Mei Marcie

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6 years ago

South Korean Women Projected to Outlive Everyone: Here's What We Can Learn From Them!

South Korean women are winning in the longevity department. In a 2017 study published by The Lancet, it was noted that women in South Korea are expected to live the longest from the industrialized countries studied. There is a 57 percent probability that their life expectancy will be higher than 90 years in 2030. Here are few reasons cited in the report for their longevity:

  • Improvements in economic status and education, improved childhood and adolescent nutrition.
  • Expanded access to primary and secondary health care, and rapid scale-up of new medical technologies.
  • Lower body-mass index and blood pressure.
  • Lower smoking rates in women.

An article from MIC Network suggests that a few traditions could be factors in the country’s life-expectancy rate as well:

  • Eating fermented foods rich in lactobacillus bacteria.
  • No preference for sugary foods.
  • Preference for hot tubs.
  • Green areas for social engagement and exercise.

With the above in mind, ladies, you can bear in mind to eat well (and encourage your children to do so!), keep your BMI in the optimal range, exercise, incorporate probiotics or fermented foods into your diet, not smoke or eat excessive sugary drinks or treats and get outdoors for greenery with your family and friends.

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Mike Prochaska
Wow! I bet you all were suprise to read this!
Elisa Schmitz
Fantastic! We can all learn from these amazing ladies. Thanks for sharing, Mei Marcie !
Sheri B Doyle
These are great thanks! It would be awesome to have a tip about fermented foods...I am curious about the hot tub thing though.
Elisa Schmitz
Agreed, Sheri B Doyle - it would be great to know why hot tubs help. Mei Marcie - we’d love it if you would write a couple of tips to expand on fermented foods and hot tubs! 😀
Tiffany Zook
Mei Marcie , can you let us know more about fermented foods. I’d also like to try.

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