Optimism May Boost Your Longevity: Study Links Women's Health & Outlook in Life! by Mei Marcie

Optimism May Boost Your Longevity: Study Links Women's Health & Outlook in Life!

How optimistic are you? If not so much, listen up! A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that a positive outlook on life may reduce risk of death from various medical conditions. The researchers analyzed data from around 70,000 women and found that women who were the most optimistic were less likely to die from:

This was compared with women who were the least optimistic. There was also lower risk of death from respiratory disease and infection. The study suggests that a healthy life could be influenced by psychological resilience, and not just physical health behaviors. 

Start today! Think positively and be hopeful! Get more information about this study on MNT.

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Donna John
Another reason we need to change the way we think, @marciemom. Thank you for sharing this important information with the tribe!
Mei Marcie
Yes Donna, our brains really can affect our body. I'm finding that latte to make me happy!

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