Running for Fitness: A Foolproof Guide to Ease Into Running (Run, Momma, Run!) by Janine Hamilton

6 years ago

Running for Fitness: A Foolproof Guide to Ease Into Running (Run, Momma, Run!)

As a lifelong runner, I'm often surprised by the conflicting way many people regard long-distance running. I hear both "you're insane!" and then "I always wished I could enjoy running." Never fear, I'm here to tell you, you can! Here's a simple plan to merge from walking to running.

Please note: You should always consult a doctor before starting a fitness plan. What follows is designed for individuals currently able to walk at least 30 minutes at moderate pace without stopping. On even days, rest or walk only!

  • Days 1 - 7: Walk 5 minutes. Run 1 minute. Repeat three times. Following last run stint, walk a 5-minute cooldown.
  • Days 9 - 13: Walk 5 minutes. Run 3 minutes. Repeat three times, then 5-minute cooldown walk.
  • Days 15 - 19: Walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes. Repeat three times, then 5-minute cooldown walk.
  • Days 21 - 25: Walk 5 minutes, run 10 minutes. Repeat twice with 5-minute walk cooldown.
  • Days 27 - 31: Walk 5 minutes, run 15 minutes. Walk 2 minutes, run 8 minutes. Walk 5 minutes.
  • Days 33 - 37: Walk 5 minutes. Run 20 minutes. Walk 10 minutes.
  • Days 39 - 43: Walk 5 minutes. Run 25 minutes. Walk 5 minutes.
  • Days 45 - 50: Walk 5 minutes. Run 30 minutes. Walk 5 minutes.

Keep it up! There's no limit to what you can do. See you on the marathon course!

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Elisa Schmitz
This is great, Janine Hamilton . As a former cross-country runner (in high school), and now a walker, I would love to ease back into running. Thank you for this step-by-step approach!
Tiffany Zook
The first 5K I did was called Running of the Bridesmaids! It was a hoot watching friends run through town in their formal wear. Was hooked on 5Ks from that day on. (That and the free fruit at the end!)
Kristen Tate
I openly admit I loathe running. I will also admit I am jealous with all those people who say they love running. Janine Hamilton Let''s say I once again try the whole running thing, how long should I give it my full efforts? If I don't set a goal, I'll give up on day 3 or 5. I really really want to like running.
Janine Hamilton
Kristen Tate , I say commit to trying to push thru month. Don't run every day! Every other is key. And honestly, if you keep trying and it doesn't become something you love, then running just isn't your thing! There's so many other exercises to try that'll give the same release and emotional high. You should enjoy your exercise, not hate it :)

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