Running Helps More Than Your Body! What a Study Revealed! by Mei Marcie

7 years ago

Running Helps More Than Your Body! What a Study Revealed!

We know that running helps burn calories, but its benefits also extend to our brain. A team of researchers from NYU School of Medicine studied how voluntary running can help mice with impaired brain function lead a longer life. The researchers put running ataxic mice (i.e. mice with impaired motor function that would lead to shorter life) on a running wheel. The results? The mice had:

  • longer lifespan
  • better weight gain
  • better sense of balance

When studying the brain of these mice, it was found that these "running mice" had more myelin – a lipid-based substance that coats nerve fibers and helps the nerves to carry "messages" efficiently. 

For the sake of your brain and body, start running today! Read more about this study here!

Naimah Razak
i should pick myself up out of this friday funk and go for a run! loving these tips, at just the moments i need them! :)
Mei Marcie
Thanks Naimah Razak Yes, and if you like Pokemon Go, running also helps to hatch the eggs lol Somedays that help me as I've a 'duty' to help with the hatching since I'm the only runner in my family!
Naimah Razak
Haha that sounds like a plan but I'm lucky they haven't caught on to Pokémon go...yet! Instead what I do is make my husband drop me off a couple blocks before getting home so I have no other choice but to jog/run/walk. :)🏃🏽‍♀️

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