Postpartum Depression: How to Support a New Mom Who Is Struggling With PPD by Dr. Sarah Allen

Postpartum Depression: How to Support a New Mom Who Is Struggling With PPD

Having a baby is a huge life transition and for one in seven new moms it can lead to postpartum depression (PPD). Even if your friend appears to be coping well after having a baby, please offer some support as you can’t really tell how someone is feeling unless you ask.

  • Be Specific – Don’t leave an offer of help open-ended, be more specific.
  • Sit With Her – It can be very isolating being at home with a baby and a depressed mom often finds it difficult to get up the effort to socialize so a low-key, one-on-one chat, can be very supportive.
  • Give Her Alone Time – Once she feels comfortable leaving her baby for a while, offer to stay with the baby while she does something for herself.
  • Encourage Her to Talk – Encourage your friend to talk about how she feels without judgement or advice.
  • Validate the Things She Does Well – When someone is not coping they focus on all the things they feel they have done badly and tend to ignore the things they are doing well.
  • Let Her Know She Is Not Alone – Just letting her know you are right there with her and will give her whatever support she needs will be a huge comfort.

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Sheri B Doyle
I think encouraging and/or helping them find a group of other new moms can be very helpful as well. Knowing you aren't the only one having feelings like this, or struggles can be so important.
Dr. Sarah Allen
Yes, I totally agree and address this in the full article that is linked to the 30second post. It’s so important for new moms to realise they are not alone.

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