Postpartum Depression: 5 Tips That May Help You Deal With PPD Naturally by Jennison Grigsby

Postpartum Depression: 5 Tips That May Help You Deal With PPD Naturally

Postpartum depression (PDD) often requires medication to help level out one's hormones. However, there are things that may help you overcome some of the lows of postpartum naturally. Here are five ideas that could help you gain some control over your emotions during the postpartum period. 

  • Seek professional help through private or group therapy.
  • Join a weekly exercise class. Have some "me time" while increasing your endorphins.
  • Find a Mom's group in your area. Talking to other moms helps you to remember that you are not alone.
  • Keep a healthy, nutritious diet to aid the body's repair and wellness.
  • Practice meditation and yoga to help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Always talk to your doctor with any concerns and before self treating.

Remember, you are strong and courageous! Here's to a healthy postpartum recovery!

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Nicole DeAvilla
I hope pregnant moms read this so they can plan ahead!

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