Eating Too Much at Night? Try Front-loading Your Calories! Here's Why! by Danielle Omar

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6 years ago

Eating Too Much at Night? Try Front-loading Your Calories! Here's Why!

Do you find yourself ravenous at dinner time? Try eating more during the day! As women, we sometimes go into “diet mode” first thing in the morning and vow to be “good” all day by eating light or skipping meals. The problem with this strategy is that is doesn’t work! We usually just end up overeating at dinner and snacking until bed. 

Try “front loading” your calories by eating the bulk of your calories throughout the day, when you’re the most active. This way, when dinner time comes around you’ll be much more in control of your hunger and less likely to overeat.

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Marina Smith
Completely agree and it is also a personal experience for me. I am never hungry in the morning and too busy to eat in the afternoon so in the evenings I used to make up for two skipped meals as I was extremely hungry this had to change for me a week ago. I started drinking smoothies in the morning and eating good lunch so in the evening small and light meal is all I need. I took me a week to readjust but I like how I feel.
Donna John
I'm bad about this. I won't eat all day then am starving at dinnertime. Need to change that! It's a bad habit.

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