Step Out of the Darkness: Is It Time to Change the Lightbulb in Your Life? A Must Read! by Anneli Riismaa

4 years ago
Step Out of the Darkness: Is It Time to Change the Lightbulb in Your Life? A Must Read!

I was taught one of the profound life lessons as I was changing a burned out lightbulb in my hallway light fixture. That fixture uses two bulbs and one had burned out a long time ago – I had gotten used to the dim light in my home. After installing the new bulb, I noticed how much better I was able to see myself in the mirror, but also the dust in the corners.

The same applies to the "rut" of life. We need to stay "in the light" and keep improving and growing in life. Take notice of the dust bunnies in your life and clean them out. And replace any burned out lightbulbs that may be dimming your vision of your life.

Kim Kusiciel
I love this metaphor for life. Well written Anneli Riismaa . Great first tip! Welcome!!
Anneli Riismaa
Thank you!!! I am looking forward to learning here together!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so enlightening! I simply love your first contribution. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe, Anneli Riismaa !
Anneli Riismaa
Thank you very much for welcoming me! I am looking forward to learning together!
Kelli Porcaro
I'm a metaphor junkie and i'm absolutely loving this one! Thanks Anneli Riismaa for sharing your experience with us!

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