Dr. Anneli Riismaa has a Doctorate in clinical psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology/Argosy University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in the states of Illinois and New Jersey. Dr. Anneli has worked as a therapist in the state of Illinois for 8 years. The majority of Dr. Anneli's work as a therapist has been with individuals with the history of domestic violence; trauma; sexual, emotional and physical abuse; as well as with individuals with the history of pornography use problems and their families. She works with individuals as well as couples. Dr. Riismaa's work with couples focuses on the improvement of communication and intimacy. Dr. Anneli utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches, favoring the non-directive client-centered method of therapy.

Dr. Anneli Riismaa presented at the American Psychological Association (APA) convention in August 2016 on the topic of depression, marital communication, congruence with religious values and pornography use. Dr. Anneli was a presenter at the Midwest Psychological Association (MPA) conference in 2013 as well as at the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapist (AMCAP) convention in 2013.

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