Want to Be as Happy as the Happiest People on Earth? Try This! by Ann Marie Patitucci

7 years ago

Want to Be as Happy as the Happiest People on Earth? Try This!

For more than 40 years, the Danes have been known as “the happiest people on earth.” If you visit Denmark, you’ll find their people welcoming, friendly and just plain happy. Why? One word: what the Danes call hygee (pronounced hoo-gah), often translated as “coziness.” When Danes discuss hygee they mention eating great food, lighting candles, playing games and enjoying each other’s company in a cozy environment. Think of it as quality time with family, but with these “magic" ingredients:

  • Making a concerted effort to enjoy the present moment and each other.
  • Leaving all drama and stress at the door.
  • No complaining or negativity.
  • No controversial topics.
  • No competition or bragging (it’s all about “we” and “we-fulness,” not “me”).

It may take a little effort for us to incorporate hygee, but the results are worth it: more happiness! Read more about the happiest people on earth and hygee here!

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Elisa Schmitz
This is completely awesome, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead! Who doesn't want (or need) more happiness in their life? Give me more hygee any day, thank you!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I agree! The Danes have got it all figured out! :)
Chef Gigi
Awesome ! Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead I ❤️ The Danes for this very reason- I went to a special culinary school there in my 2o s and remembered how surprised I was that everyone was so chill there - even leaving the babies in buggies outside grocery stores and a mere stranger would check on them if crying! Everything is clean, no graffiti, crime is lower-- the Danes just know how to live ! Thxs for sharing ! This is great advice .
Ann Marie Patitucci
They're amazing! What a wonderful experience for you!

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