The Perfect Charcuterie Board: 4 Simple Steps for Creating an Epic Charcuterie Board by Kelly Hansard

2 years ago

The Perfect Charcuterie Board: 4 Simple Steps for Creating an Epic Charcuterie Board

The term charcuterie is a French word that refers to the process of cooking cured meats, such as ham, bacon and salami. These days, it’s used to refer to any combination of cheese, meat and other accompaniments that’s good enough to be served on its own or with a full meal.

While ingredient choices are undoubtedly important, there are a few additional steps you can use to make the ultimate charcuterie board.

1. Charcuterie Variety

While it’s essential to consider the various ingredients when making a cheese and charcuterie board, some simple steps can make it an easy and satisfying addition to any meal. One of my favorite ways to serve this type of food is having multiple items guests can quickly grab and consume. This is because, without having to think about what the guests may want or not, you can easily create a variety of options.

2. Mixing Flavors

One of the most common mistakes people make when making a cheese and charcuterie board is to omit sweets. This can be a huge mistake, as honey and blue cheese can be incredibly creamy. Another great addition to a cheese and charcuterie board is a bar of good chocolate, as people love wine and chocolate.

3. Cut Cheese and Roll Meat

If you have a large round or half-round cheese cubes, cut them into quarters or half-rounds and spread them around the cheese board. This will allow guests to grab and consume the various pieces of cheese easily. It’s also more visually appealing to have the same size serving surface. When making a cheese and charcuterie board, it’s easier to grab and consume the various pieces of cheese when rolled up instead of when they’re sliced.

4. Fill in Empty Spots

Most people prefer to have tightly-packed boards, which means they can easily fill the empty spots with the food they consume. A bag of arugula or small loose leaf lettuce can be used to add a bit of color to the board. If you’re planning on covering the entire board with arugula, make sure that you’re positive that your guests agree with the flavor of this leafy green.

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Donna John
I love a good charcuterie board. Great tips! Kelly Hansard
Elisa Schmitz
We enjoy charcuterie both at home and when dining out. Such a fun variety of flavors. Thank you for sharing, and welcome to 30Seconds!
Love these creative ideas. 😍

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