How to Peel Crawfish: Put the "Aw" Back in Crawfish By Learning How to Peel 'Em! by Donna John

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3 years ago
How to Peel Crawfish: Put the "Aw" Back in Crawfish By Learning How to Peel 'Em!

Peeling crawfish isn't that hard. Follow these five steps to crustacean heaven! 

  1. Pinch the crawfish by its head with one hand. Take your other hand and pinch the area where the tail meets the body.
  2. Twist the tail and pull it off the body (if you suck the heads, this is the time).
  3. Twist off the "flippers." 
  4. Clean out the crawfish by removing the digestive tract.
  5. Carefully use your forefinger and thumb to remove the wider part of the shell and pull out the meat. Eat it. (You may want to dip it in this homemade remoulade sauce recipe first!)

Here's how to prepare and cook live crawfish.

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Stacey Roberts
My mouth is watering!
Can I tell you I have earned the title ‘the Crawfish Lady’ by Phil Meaux a 24 kt Cajun from Eunice LA for my crawfish ettouffe? And we’re trying to decide if we’re going to meet up for a boil?
Donna John
I'm impressed!!!! You must share your recipe for crawfish ettouffe. It's one of my faves!
Stacey Roberts
It’s kind of a trial & error recipe! I’ll put it together best I can and email it to you.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Good to know! I really had no idea! 😬
Donna John
It's Crawfish Day! May have to get a few pounds for lunch today!

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