Food Safety: Why You Should Be a Little Chicken About Chicken! by Chef Gigi

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5 years ago

Food Safety: Why You Should Be a Little Chicken About Chicken!

As a chef, I love to cook and eat chicken. But it can be potentially a hazardous food if handled improperly. About one in four pieces of raw chicken carry salmonella. Salmonella from poultry sickens over 200,000 Americans a year, according to USDA food safety data. Chicken and the juices found inside the package is a perfect environment for the growth of salmonella and other bacteria.

  • Always cook chicken to 160 degrees F.
  • Wash surfaces that touch raw chicken and its juices with hot soapy water and a touch of bleach.

Let’s enjoy our chicken safely!

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Elisa Schmitz
Gotta admit, I am a bit chicken about chicken safety. It’s probably my fave protein, but I’m really cautious when cooking and cleaning up. Thanks for this great tip, Chef Gigi Gaggero !

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