FIFO Is the Food Safety Rule Used By the Pros: Find Out What It Means! by Chef Gigi

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6 years ago

FIFO Is the Food Safety Rule Used By the Pros: Find Out What It Means!

FIFO is the food safety rule professional chefs and food retailers live by. What does it mean? “First In, First Out.”

All professional chefs and retailers stock perishables so older items are pushed to the front, where they will be reached for first. When shopping for items like ground beef or milk, check the back of the stack for later sell-by dates – and a fresher product! Then apply the rule at home.

You can also stock your pantry the same, so you get the biggest bang for your food budget buck and keep your family eating fresh!

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Donna John
I didn't know it had a name, but I use this rule all the time, especially with my bagged salads. I always pull the one that's in the back out. I'm sure the produce guys hate me, but sometimes there's four or five days difference on the expiration dates. Chef Gigi Gaggero
Chef Gigi
Hahahahha! I was thinking that when I wrote this! Retailers are gonna come for me! Hahahah Donna John
Donna John
Yeah! The produce guys watch me do it sometimes, but I always put it back the way I found it. :-)
Elisa Schmitz
YES! I have noticed this and do reach for the items in the back (and fix the display when I’m done). Amazing how much fresher the items are toward the back. Thanks for this great tip, Chef Gigi Gaggero . The tribe has got your back, lol! 😀

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