Joan is an Intuitive Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Philosopher, Author, Healer, Crisis Management Consultant and advocate for the "black sheep".

Transmuting pain into passion/dark side into positive superpower and helping to heal a collective trauma with internal martial arts.

Joan's story on adult toxic friendships--titled "Forty'fied"--is featured in the Amazon #1 bestseller (category: "Happiness") titled, 'Embracing Your Authentic Self'. Former social media marketing strategist, lifestyle editor and social media influencer; Joan has now dedicated her life to helping others heal their trauma so that they can follow their life purpose/path.

Joan possesses extensive knowledge in relationship health, bullying/narcissism, automatic writing, social media marketing, personality psychology, intuition/spirituality, meditation, and crisis management as well as extensive knowledge on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD; which she refers to as Attention Deficit DISTINCTION, as she believes it is not a disorder but an asset).

An intuitive Empath, certified Qigong practitioner and master level energy/reiki practitioner with extremely heightened intuitive abilities, Joan's confident and caring nature allows her to now teach others how to best use their intuition to guide them throughout their lives, heal their past trauma allowing them to control their fears and emotions.

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