Don't Let a Healthy Lifestyle Stress You Out! 3 Tips to Keep It Simple! by Meredith Schneider

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7 years ago

Don't Let a Healthy Lifestyle Stress You Out! 3 Tips to Keep It Simple!

Don't make healthy eating and exercising a chore! Here are three tips to help keep it simple!

  • Having a strong WHY is huge! Ask yourself what is your WHY and write it down. No matter if your looking to lose weight, maintain, put weight on, release stress or regain loss of confidence.
  • Make realistic goals! Now take your why and make realistic goals for yourself. Don't beat yourself up, it's never too late to start and will take time and patience to get where you want to be physically inside and out. To accomplish this, make short-term mindful goals that will lead to your ultimate goal. Example: Schedule your workouts, plan out your meals for the week.
  • Accountablility with no guesswork! Get a Personal Wellness Coach that will help you stay focused and layout a game plan that includes a personal nutrition plan.

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Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Meredith Schneider, because it takes the guilt out if you have an off day, etc. Excellent insights, thanks!
Meredith Schneider
We are all human and gonna have off days Elisa All 30SecondMom! And that's ok! Love sharing what has worked for me being crazy busy with 4 kids and a biz. xo ;) <3
Kelli Porcaro
The WHY is definitely a motivator (or a deterrent) for me...and it's not always easy for me to figure out on my own! Thanks for sharing!
Meredith Schneider
I hear ya Kelli Schulte! My first WHY was when I found myself crying on the floor of my closet trying to get ready for a date night with my husband and realized I had let my excess weight and hormones take me over. I was miserable and never wanted my 4 kids to see me at my worst inside and out ever again. Now having lost 50 lbs and over 40 inches my new WHY is to keep leading a happy and healthy lifestyle that has become contagious in my family and now my biz helping others do the same for themselves and know they are not alone on their journey. So as we achieve our goals our WHY can change along the way. #mykidsaremywhynotmyexcuse I'm a happier, healthier, fitter mom, wife and friend! xo <3
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is just what I needed to read right now! Thanks, Meredith Schneider !
Kim Kusiciel
Awesome reminders here. Thank you @merber38. Your tip has been pinned. Check it out:
Gail Harris
It's easy for me to start stressing about some arbitrary ideal I am trying to achieve, like I have to walk for an hour and not a minute less. There comes the stress. It is subtle but it's there. It's good to have the goal but the stress sneaks in. Thanks for pointing it out @merber38.

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