Does Your Husband Snore? Here's How Earplugs Saved My Marriage! by Jan Mostrom

5 years ago
Does Your Husband Snore? Here's How Earplugs Saved My Marriage!

Does your significant other snore? Mine does, and one night the snoring was so bad I contemplated a pillow placed snugly over my dear husband’s face and just pressing (of course I'm joking, but hey, lack of sleep can make you crazy!). I’m a mom who, at the drop of a pin, an opening of a door or a little cough, I’m awake – and I stay that way. I did have to wait until the kids weren’t infants, but now, I swear by earplugs.

I buy the wax, not foam, earplugs and press them in firmly. I still can hear what I need to, but most nights it keeps me from the pillow. And yes, I really believe the earplugs saved my marriage – or at least it saved my husband!

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