Bill Maher Says We Should Bring Back Fat Shaming: News Flash, Bill, It Never Went Away by Dawn Taylor

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5 months ago
Bill Maher Says We Should Bring Back Fat Shaming: News Flash, Bill, It Never Went Away

When I read that Bill Maher used his media platform to suggest that fat shaming needed to make a comeback, I was, of course, appalled. It has never gone away, and he is only promoting bullying by suggesting we call people out for their weight.

Fat shaming has been around for as long as I remember, and though mini strides have been made to be more accepting of different body shapes and sizes, being fat is not seen as an ideal body type. I am not saying it has to be either. Yes, some people need to lose weight to be healthier, but they are not at our mercy to be ridiculed for their size. People who struggle with their weight need compassion and understanding.

As a personal trainer, when I first meet with clients that are obese, they are already struggling to come to terms with it. The last thing I would do is tell them they should be ashamed or ask how did they get to be that large. I instead ask:

  • What are they currently doing for exercise?
  • What activities they find fun?
  • What stressors are in their life?

I assure them that they can become healthy again. The fitness world I live in is very supportive of every shape and size we see. Our job is to help them feel better, not to shame them into becoming skinny. Together we come up with a plan to get to a weight that they can get to safely, and that will improve their overall health and not set unrealistic goals based on others perception of beauty.

Being fat is not something most people aspire to be, but many factors come into play:

  • depression
  • hormones
  • an injury that limits mobility
  • over eating

The list goes on and on. If it were as easy as Bill Maher thinks to lose weight, we wouldn't see people who are obese choosing to struggle with breathing and diabetes and so many other issues associated with excess weight. Maybe they have lost a loved one. Maybe they had a baby and just can't find the time to exercise. 

Bill Maher needs to shut the hell up and show compassion for people.

What do you think?

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Preach, sister! 🙌
Dawn Taylor
Tribe That one got me fired up!!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I missed Bill Maher saying this, but from what I can tell, it sounds judgemental and off base. It's clear that making assumptions about people and that shaming of any kind is NOT OK. Thanks for this great post, Dawn Taylor !

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