'Twas the Night Before Easter: 6 Sanity-Saving Tips for Egg Hunts by Dawn Taylor

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22 days ago

'Twas the Night Before Easter: 6 Sanity-Saving Tips for Egg Hunts

Holidays can be stressful, especially when kids are young. Planning Easter egg hunts has to be one of the most stressful from my experience. But after many years, I have some good advice to share. 

Here are some tips to help get you through Easter if your kids still believe in the Easter Bunny:

  • Purchase plastic eggs that have hinges and not the ones that are in two pieces. When you try to find the other half it will drive you insane and result in an adult tantrum while doing so. Hinged plastic eggs. Trust me.
  • Purchase way more Easter candy than you need. When you finally get around to filling the eggs, a high percentage of said candy will end up in your mouth.
  • If you have multiple children, do not write their entire name on plastic eggs or you will be stuck doing it for the whole lot. Initials only with a Sharpie. If you have kids who all have the same initial, then I am sorry, that is just poor planning on your part. If you are pregnant with your second child, keep this in mind moving forward.
  • Do not wait until the night before Easter to fill and hide eggs. You will regret it. This will lead to crying, swearing and possibly opening a bottle of wine at midnight. Hiding eggs becomes frantic, and halfway through the distribution of eggs, you'll become less creative. When the kids starting finding eggs hidden in plain sight, blame it on the Easter Bunny.
  • Ensure there are exactly the same number of eggs per child. I repeat. Ensure there are exactly the same number of eggs per child. They will count. If one kid comes up short you can then say to that child, "Well, I put exactly the same amount out, you are just not as good at finding yours." And believe me, it will eventually turn up, usually about six months down the road and in someone's shoe.
  • Hide the evidence. Putting bags that held the Easter candy you stuffed in eggs in the kitchen trash bin is not enough. Your children will ask how they got there and for a moment you will think they are connecting the dots and now know the truth about the Easter Bunny. They aren't, but they will look at you with a new level of distrust thinking you bought candy and didn't share with them. You have enough to worry about with the lying you're already doing about giant bunny giving them candy. Pick your battles.

Happy Easter!

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Donna John
Are you right about this, Dawn Taylor ! Stuffing those eggs late at night isn't fun. Then you get tired of hiding them and start tossing them into the yard ... and what happens? They pop open and the candy flies out. Good times, good times. lol Great tips here.
Dawn Taylor
Ugh one of my least favorite nights but the next day is always worth it 😍 Donna John
Hahaha, love it! 🌷
Elisa Schmitz
You definitely have to get a jump on Easter! It sneaks up on you and then you have to scramble. (See what I did there, LOL!) Thanks for the great tips, Dawn Taylor !
Dawn Taylor
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds im learning after all these years 🤷🏻‍♀️

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