All-Natural Easter Eggs: How to Dye Eggs With Spring Flowers (Really)! by Charong Chow

2 years ago
All-Natural Easter Eggs: How to Dye Eggs With Spring Flowers (Really)!

Those fizzing store-bought Easter egg dye tablets are old school. This year, try a more natural approach. One easy way is to:

  • Collect colorful spring flowers, even dandelions
  • Place an uncooked egg on top of an old cloth napkin
  • Arrange the flowers and wrap the napkin around the egg
  • Tie two knots and boil it in water in a small saucepan for 15 minutes
  • Allow it to cool and unwrap to reveal the colored patterns

Experiment with red cabbage and onion skins. Another idea is to boil colorful spices or produce, such as berries or paprika, with a little water to create natural dyes.

Nicole DeAvilla
Love this natural way to decorate eggs. Can't wait to try it.

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