Homework Helpers: How to Make a DIY Homework Box for Your Kids! by Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP

Homework Helpers: How to Make a DIY Homework Box for Your Kids!

Getting your kids to sit down and do their homework can sometimes be challenging. Kids find all kinds of excuses to avoid getting their work started. You might hear them say, “Mom, I can’t find a pencil” or “I need to get my markers.” Help prepare your kids by making a “homework box.” Use a small, plastic-covered storage bin and fill it with: 

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • pens
  • crayons
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors 
  • anything else they may need to accomplish their tasks

These supplies should only be used for homework, so keep it in a place that your kids won’t be tempted to grab it for fun.

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Mike Prochaska
We have this my daughter loves it. She asks to do her homework even on gorgeous days when i try to get them to skip it to go outside.
The few hours between school dismissal and bedtime are often filled with various responsibilities. Dinner, sports or music practice, bathtime and...HOMEWORK. Yes, many of our children have an evening assignment to complete. But we can make this task easier by fostering an environment that is conducive to learning. Best homework help you can get from

To help your child get schoolwork done comfortably and efficiently, set up a homework station in your home. Whether you have the room to make a dedicated space or you need a space-saving strategy, here are three ideas to try.

1. Stand-Alone Desk or Table Station

When creating a dedicated space for homework, I think about how my kids learn and work best. Some kids need a quiet, low-interruption environment to work. So, a bedroom desk might be a good spot. Other kids thrive in an area where they can get help from you or they prefer the hum of the household in the background. The kitchen or dining table might be a good location for these types of learners.

Dedicate a desk or table as your child's homework station. A simple basket or tray can hold materials such as markers, pens and pencils, scissors, and other supplies.

2. Roll-Out Station

A rolling cart makes a great portable homework station. If you are limited on space, you can even roll it into a closet when it's not needed. When it is time to do homework, simply roll it to the work spot such as the kitchen table or the living room floor. This method works well for children who like to work in different areas depending on their mood.

I prefer a rolling cart that has six to eight drawers. Each drawer can house different supplies that your child will need to complete their homework. Our cart has drawers for paper, writing utensils, tape and glue, hands-on materials (magnetic letters, counters, etc.), a dry erase board with markers, and extra supplies.

3. Hanging Door Station

If you are super tight on space, a hanging door station is the answer. Purchase a plastic hanging shoe rack — preferably one with see-through pouches — and attach it inside of a closet door or behind your child's bedroom door.

Next, fill each pouch with a different supply your child might need for homework. There are so many pockets that you can also store art, office supplies, and small toys.

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