The Nanny Life: Why Interviews Are Not a Waste of Time for Nannies or Employers by Kari Ewest

a year ago
The Nanny Life: Why Interviews Are Not a Waste of Time for Nannies or Employers

So often I see on various nanny boards that a nanny will not go on an interview, because for whatever reason they say it is a waste of time. Anytime you can talk to anyone about your job and work experience and credentials, it is not a waste of time. It is networking. You have no idea who they know. It gets your name out there.

I interviewed for a family and wasn’t sure if it would work, but thought I'd go check it out. Immediately, it didn’t work out. I did some babysitting for them, then filled in for a temp summer part-time gig for them before I moved. Now my daughter works with the family.

Every interview you go on helps you learn more about yourself and various family dynamics. You may learn something from a family you never thought of before. You might not be the right candidate, but you may have a friend that is. They may have a colleague that will work for you. They may need a date-night sitter.

I don't want to waste the family's time. But you are not wasting their time. Think of it as educating them on different nanny roles, etc. 

  • A family may not be taking taxes out, but they may not know they have to.
  • They may not offer guaranteed hours, but after talking with experienced nannies, they learn more about the nanny industry. 

If we want the public to respect nannies as a profession, then it is our responsibility to educate, not mock due to the pay or benefits they’re offering. Talk to them and educate them, so to speak. If we do not educate, then how do they learn? They may not be able to afford you, but maybe you, as an experienced nanny, can help find a nanny for the role to mentor.

Interviews are not a waste of time. They are very valuable to nannies and employers!

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Donna John
What a great point, Kari Ewest ! Welcome to the tribe!
Mike Prochaska
Great tip! And welcome!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
So true, Kari Ewest . Interviewing is helpful on both sides for many reasons. Thank you for sharing this and welcome to 30Seconds. Looking forward to reading more from you!

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