Dating in a Small Town: The Pickings Are Slim, Ladies! by Dawn Taylor

Dating in a Small Town: The Pickings Are Slim, Ladies!

Tinder, – everyone is using online dating sites these days. When you live in a small town, the pickings are slim. People my age are already married so that leaves younger men who are single. And while a boy toy is nothing to scoff at, they aren't long-term material.

So, every once in a while, I take a look at available and age-appropriate men within 100 miles or less. Usually it is when I am bored and lying in bed telling myself that this time I will make time for a relationship, and make the effort if someone lives a bit of a distance, the drive will be worth it. Then life gets busy again, and the guy who lives an hour away might as well live on the moon. Or Mars, because that's where men are from, right?

My days become crazy again, with work, grad school and kids and I forget about the dating world. Delete profile(s). With the divorce rate being around 50 percent, I will just coast for now until the inevitable turnover of available men, and make like Madonna and date younger men while I wait.

Hey, a woman has needs.

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Elisa Schmitz
Sending good dating vibes your way, Dawn Taylor !

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