Single Mom Struggles: Facing the Dreaded Father/Daughter Dance As a Divorced Mom by Jessica Lawrence

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4 years ago
Single Mom Struggles: Facing the Dreaded Father/Daughter Dance As a Divorced Mom

Recently a friend of mine, along with her husband, decided to hold a father/daughter dance. I remember seeing pictures of things like this years ago, before I had my daughter, and couldn’t wait for the time to come when she could participate. Things are different now, of course. I’m a single mom in a small town. Her father lives two and a half hours away, and it was a weeknight.

My friend (the host) encouraged me to bring her myself. Other moms would be there, she said. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Shame? Maybe. Tonight, I looked at pictures of kids dressed up, happily dancing with their fathers. It looks just as adorable as it did before I had my own daughter. But the idea of attending a dance filled with husbands, dressed in shirts and ties, made me feel sad. 

I’m the only single mom (that I know) who doesn’t have a partner to do these things with. Nor do I want to be a focal point in a room filled with little girls who might be friends with my daughter.

Maybe next year I’ll have the strength to go and not worry what others might think. 

What struggles have you faced as a single parent?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is something I really relate to, Jessica Lawrence . I will always wonder how our divorce affected our children, especially daughters who missed out on moments like these you described here. I try to fill them with as much love as I can. And yes, I think as you feel stronger, you take on more and don't care as much what others think. So I say, go to the dance next year. You are amazing, you know!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for sharing this, Jessica Lawrence . I hope other single moms will weigh in. As someone with a partner, reading this helps me to be more aware of and sensitive to others' circumstances and feelings. (I've always worried about these events for the very reasons you've described.)

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