Favoritism: 3 Out of 4 of My Kids Claim I Have a Favorite; Let Me Explain... by Dawn Taylor

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5 years ago

Favoritism: 3 Out of 4 of My Kids Claim I Have a Favorite; Let Me Explain...

I have four children: two boys, 28 and 20, and two girls, 13 and 12. My eldest son and two daughters always say in all seriousness that Bailey, my second born, is my favorite. “He can do no wrong.” “You baby him.” It has been an ongoing theme as long as I can remember.

I resisted the claim for a long time and, no, I won’t tell you he’s my favorite. What I will tell you is why it might seem that way. When he was a toddler, the doctor said that his elevated liver enzymes might indicate neuroblastoma. Many tests could not eliminate the possibility and on the last day of testing that would locate the suspected tumor in his abdomen, I thought I might fall apart. I waited tensely in the hospital for the doctor to deliver the news.

Miraculously, he said there was no tumor found. I stared and asked what was causing the elevated enzymes and was told they would have to write it off as a viral infection. Testing a few days later showed a return to normal numbers. So early on I treated him with kid gloves and, in turn, I believe our relationship was never combative because of the earlier experience.

So, although he might’ve had the benefit of my softer approach to parenting, it’s all I know with him.

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Elisa Schmitz
I can totally see this. When kids are in crisis, we react differently. What a fascinating perspective. So glad you shared this with us, Dawn Taylor ! Welcome to our community of writers at #30Seconds! :-)
Dawn Taylor
I agree with that. Thank you, I am excited to be here :)
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is so understandable, Dawn Taylor ! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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