#MotherhoodRocks: Why You Need to See Yourself Through Your Child's Eyes by Gail Harris

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6 years ago

#MotherhoodRocks: Why You Need to See Yourself Through Your Child's Eyes

You’re on a path of self-discovery. Motherhood is the fast track to growth and change. Know thyself, and you’re the best possible mom, yet, life’s pressures can sure muddy our view. So instead of focusing on your faults and what you could do better (that’s my default, too) see yourself as your child sees you – and see yourself as you really are!

Your child knows your beauty. Strength. Kindness and caring. Inner wisdom. If she’s already a teen in that hormonal leave-me-alone-I-hate-you mood, take one extra step and you’re golden. The fun exercise below to “know thyself” is far more realistic than looking the mirror, because you are not blinded by your own self-criticism. Find out why the greatest gift of motherhood is reflected in your child’s eyes. And another reason why motherhood rocks. To know thyself:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Imagine your child at their best and most vulnerable self. (If they are a teen, dig deep to when they looked at you wide-eyed and in need of your support.)
  • Open your heart and crystallize how they saw you in that moment.

Do this once a day, and stayed tuned for more #MotherhoodRocks tips!

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Nicole DeAvilla
Love this! #MotherhoodRocks!
best10 top
really nice image love it.
Elisa Schmitz
Needed this today, thank you Gail Harris ! xoxo
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, how I needed this today. Thank you, Gail Harris . #MotherhoodRocks indeed! We're all rocking it. Let's aim to do better to remind ourselves and each other of it. <3
Gail Harris
Absolutely @amghalstead. that's the idea, to remind each other, and where I am totally coming from. I know you re, too. Hope you will be there tonight to rock it and remind each other together!!!
Karen L
Thank you, need this today :)
Gail Harris
SillySheep Ah, so glad. Live that we can inspire each other when needed. Which is just about every day. Lol.

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