National Siblings Day: A Tribute to My Brother & Best Friend by Cassandra Lee Jones

a month ago

National Siblings Day: A Tribute to My Brother & Best Friend

When they brought you home, I can’t remember anything other than my overwhelming urge to kiss your chubby cheeks. I stared at you intently, hoping it would encourage growth so you could play board games with me; much to my chagrin, it did not. I sang you to sleep and then ran to you every morning to be the first person to get to see your face. I waited patiently for you to say my name – “La La” was close enough, so I went with it.

I suffered through hours of “The SpongeBob Movie” and “Finding Nemo,” knowing that someday you would share my love of movies. I dressed you up in the finest old prom dresses so you would never take life too seriously or lose that wonderful imagination.

You send me flowers and notes when I am heartbroken and make me laugh when I am sad. You stay up late talking, giving me advice even when it should be the other way around. You are loyal, intelligent, loud, funny, albeit sometimes annoying, but above all else, you are kind.

You are the best friend I never knew I had or wanted, but most certainly needed. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we shout, but you are the one boy I can’t live without.

To all the siblings/best friends out there, thank you for all the joy you bring to our lives.

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Elisa Schmitz
“You are the best friend I never knew I had or wanted, but most certainly needed.” So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, Cassandra Lee Jones ! ❤️
Cassandra Lee Jones
Thank you! He is a keeper, minus his love of pineapple on pizza! haha
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is so sweet, Cassandra Lee Jones ! I treasure my siblings and appreciate them all the more as well get older. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute with us.

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