Multi-sensory Play Dough for Kids: Creative Ideas for Sensory Play & Learning by Teacher Karen

5 years ago

Multi-sensory Play Dough for Kids: Creative Ideas for Sensory Play & Learning

Everyone uses their senses to receive information about their immediate surroundings, but none more so than children. And because their senses are so important in the learning process, it’s a good idea to engage more than one sense at the same time during an activity! It usually makes the activity more fun, but it definitely makes it more memorable and, therefore, easier when it comes to learning!

30Seconds contributor Mike Prochaska gave you a recipe for making play dough – so make batches using a variety of eye-popping, vibrant colors and add an array of nose-arousing scents! Use simple kitchen spices or extracts like peppermint, chocolate, pumpkin pie spice, lemon.

Your kiddos will use their senses of sight and smell plus touch! Of course, if you really wanted to take their sense of touch to the next tactile level let them mix, blend and knead in additional materials such as corn meal, uncooked oatmeal, glitter (adds more visual interest, too!), beans, sawdust, etc.

If you’ve been near kids playing with dough you know that their sense of hearing is also engaged with the sound of pounding and squishing – and sometimes temptation just cannot be overcome and their sense of taste gets in the action, too!

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Mike Prochaska
Yes Teacher Karen is right so
Important to add different things. It so fun to watch them explore. My kids are all about the glitter slime I made and getting the little people stuck in it!
Teacher Karen
Hahaha FUN--they could time how long it took for the little people to get stuck...did they time change in different locations? If so, why would that be? PLAY incorporates ALL areas of development and ALL curricula areas naturally!

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