#MotherhoodRocks & It’s a Family Affair: Here’s the Reason Why! by Gail Harris

6 years ago

#MotherhoodRocks & It’s a Family Affair: Here’s the Reason Why!

If you notice the times you smile and your heart is bursting, I bet your family is close by. Isn’t motherhood such a giving thing – especially with family? We receive so much more than we give, as long as the giving is pure.

What do I mean? Well, motherhood involves self-sacrifice. When you commit to keeping your life in balance through self-care and those unique things that make you YOU, you’ll give in spades. To family, friends, colleagues, co-workers and strangers. And still be smiling 30 years from now. Balance brings harmony to life. Try these ideas. Or find your own:

  • Tape a note to your bathroom mirror saying, “I love myself.”
  • Remember that you have your own wonderful life to live.
  • Pay attention to the things that give you pleasure (career, personal enjoyments, etc.).
  • Give gratitude for all you have in your life (in your own personal way).
  • Ask your heart every day what it is most important – and listen.

#MotherhoodRocks with balance and giving. Ain’t it the truth?

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