#MotherhoodRocks: Flying High on Being a Mama Never Gets Old (Here’s the Secret!) by Gail Harris

2 years ago
#MotherhoodRocks: Flying High on Being a Mama Never Gets Old (Here’s the Secret!)

For me, the secret to enjoying motherhood now and my whole life through is LOVING MYSELF. But what does this really mean? For starters, not neglecting myself or forgetting to laugh. Sure, in tough times it is hard to laugh. So, I don’t, but I refrain from a loving place of knowing what is needed all around, being present to a bigger picture. But now to you.

With a newborn, you are sleep- and everything-deprived. But you can still love yourself through the journey! By doing what is truly called for, though exhausting, you are loving your baby, and therefore loving yourself. Trusting that the deprivation is temporary. Then the teen years – helping her to come into her own and to feel good about herself.

You must keep an open channel to your inner voice found in self-love. Then college and she’s opening to the world further still and, perhaps, further away from you. Your aching heart can be soothed by the pride and joy that comes from knowing that you’ve contributed to her being. A quiet sense of inner strength felt as outward joy.

So rejoice, knowing that 30 years from now you will still be her mom.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Oh, Gail Harris , you touch my heart. How did you know I really needed this today. Many thanks, my intuitive friend! xoxo ❤️

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