Why Hike? How Hiking Is Good for the Soul & Peace of Mind! by Stephanie Cannoe

3 years ago
Why Hike? How Hiking Is Good for the Soul & Peace of Mind!

Hiking is where I find stability, a way back to myself, to nature and connectivity. I started hiking with the spirit of a new adventure, and while that is definitely part of the appeal, today hiking has transcended curiosity alone.

My day-to-day mindset is left behind as I lace up my hiking boots. I exhale more deeply. My thoughts are in the background, but no longer front and center. A holy space is created. Each step is felt, I am larger than life, and this volume increases equal to the depth of my awe and reverence.

As I surrender to the mountains, I let go of my wounds. Everything becomes crystal clear, even the birds seem to notice, like they’ve been waiting for me. My path is there in the woods, it is beyond what words can capture, but my soul knows the answer. Hiking is coming home. 

Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is beautiful, Stephanie Cannoe , thank you for sharing.
Sheryl Gould
Stephanie Cannoe Just reading this makes me feel peaceful. I am planning a hike this summer. I can't agree more!
Stephanie Cannoe
Sheryl Gould So glad to hear this captures the spirit of hiking that I was trying to convey! Enjoy your hike.

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