The Value of Girl Scouts Cookies: Why I Happily Pay $5 a Box to Make a Difference by Kimberly Johnson

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a year ago

The Value of Girl Scouts Cookies: Why I Happily Pay $5 a Box to Make a Difference

Countless lives are impacted when you support your local Girl Scouts. Girl Scout cookies are so much more than just fun and delicious. They are an easy way to give back and create positive change. 

Here are just some of the ways I've seen Girl Scout cookies make a difference in the lives of girls and people around the world:

  • Camping trips, apple picking, pumpkin carving, hikes and other adventures.
  • Joyfully selecting gifts for underprivileged children from here to Uganda.
  • Assembling blessing bags and meals to serve the homeless.
  • Supplies (and cookies!) to U.S. military troops.
  • Board games, blankets and more for area hospitals.
  • Food, litter, towels and toys for local animal shelters.
  • Experience with money management, goal-setting, teamwork and leadership development.
  • The foundation for lifelong friendships; their first tribe.

Girl Scout cookies allow our girls the opportunity to dream big and put those dreams into motion. Consider buying a box or two whenever you can. Fun fact: contributor Cheryl Leahy makes chocolate truffles with her Thin Mints!

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Donna John
As a former Girl Scout leader and cookie mom, thank you Kimberly Johnson for shining a light on all the Girl Scouts do! And welcome to the tribe! Can't wait to see more tips from you!
Kimberly Johnson
Thanks, Donna John that means a lot from a mom that's BTDT! Until I became a leader I had no idea what cookie sales were really all about!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this, Kimberly Johnson ! Girl Scout cookies are so much more than just yummy goodness in a box. :)
Katie Sloan
I had no idea that the cookie sales funded so many amazing experiences!
Kimberly Johnson
I love that we are able to offset the expense of some activities through cookie sales to make them available to all our girls.
Christine Jones
I've always loved me some Girl Scout Cookies but I really had no idea what an impact the sales of them have! Thanks for sharing Kimberly Johnson ! Welcome to the tribe!
Kimberly Johnson
Thank you, Christine Jones ! That's the exact reason I wrote this! The opportunities cookie sales have provided us are awesome!
Elisa Schmitz
Yaaas, Kimberly Johnson! I, too, am a former Girl Scouts leader and know the importance of cookie sales. Going back even further, as a Girl Scout back in the day, I remember the feeling of satisfaction of selling the cookies and then our troop being able to use the money in productive ways. What a wonderful self-esteem builder for kids! Thank you for sharing this so everyone can justify the $4 a box for amazing cookies!! And welcome to our 30Seconds tribe, we're so happy to have you with us!
Kimberly Johnson
Thank you, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! I didn't have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout as a child, so I learned so much becoming a leader!
Kim Kusiciel
I love this! As a former scout and troop leader I saw first hand the positive impact of cookie sales! They are more than just cookies! Great first tip Kimberly Johnson and welcome!!
Kimberly Johnson
Thank you, Kim Kusiciel - I'm thrilled to be here!
Beth Miseles Christjansen
My troop of 5th graders is using cookie money to send all 5 of them to camp for 6 days! My older daughter's troop is going to the Galapagos Islands in 2018, cookie sales have helped offset some of the cost! Thank you Kimberly Johnson for pointing these facts out to non-girl scout parents.
Kimberly Johnson
That's awesome, Beth Miseles Christjansen ! My girls (3rd & 4th graders) have been daydreaming about going to Europe since some of the older girls in our SU went last Summer. We'll have to start talking serious money management soon to plan ahead!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this thread! :)
Ashley Massey
Thanks for leading, Kim & for encouraging future leaders. Great article!
Dieter Schmitz
Hey Kimberly Johnson I totally agree. It's a wonderful donation with SWEET fringe benefits!
Chef Gigi
I'm the only person in the world that is not so supportive of the cookie Drive . I usually give a donation of 5$ and let them keep the cookies . One day maybe Girls Scouts will re formulate to a healthier option of ingredients. I taught hundreds of classes to local GS and Brownie troops and I do know they do great things for the kids. But as far as ingredients goes they might as well pass out cigarettes!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
I have boys! Cub Scouts do similar things through their fundraisers of popcorn! I was a Girl Scout and sold my share of cookies too. Love to see those boxes!
Kimberly Johnson
Yes, Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP ! We have a Girl Scout, 1st year Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. I was thinking the other day how it applies to all - and we've certainly met some people VERY passionate about their popcorn, too!
Dieter Schmitz
Hey Chef Gigi Gaggero & @kimberlyjohnson then I have a follow-up story: I was a Boy Scout in rural Minnesota, and our troop's fundraiser was a baked bean supper. I gotta tell you, the Girl Scout cookies were always way more popular!
Elisa Schmitz
I can't imagine why cookies were more popular than baked beans, Dieter Schmitz ! ;-)
I love that I can help girls in my community have life changing experiences while also getting to enjoy yummy cookies! Thank you Kimberly Johnson for sharing how we are making a difference by supporting our local Girl Scouts!
Donna John
Just tried the new s'mores cookies. Yum! Because of your tip, Kimberly Johnson , I don't feel guilty eating them! ;-)
Kimberly Johnson
Yum! Did you get the s'more "sandwich" cookie or the one covered in chocolate, Donna John ?
Donna John
The ones covered in chocolate. Mmmmm.
Mike Prochaska
What I don’t understand is that only 90 cents for every box sold goes to the troop. At the point why not just ask for donations
Kimberly Johnson
Totally get where you're coming from, BUT that being said...even though our troops do profit less than $1/box, a good chunk of the proceeds go to our council which serves us and provides programming, training, events, financial assistance to girls that otherwise wouldn't be able to participate, etc. for our local troops.

While cookies can seem to be stressful to deal with, especially considering the income, my girls have learned a lot from the process, and we try to have fun with it.
Morgan Hawthorne
Because of your article I may just have to order cookies even though this diet is making me feel like I shouldn't...h ah a ha. I can consider it a charitable "donation." Now I just need to figure out how to hide them from
Katie Sloan
So many great benefits for the girls but also moms like me who are thrilled to squirrel away a box of thin mints so the kids don’t eat everything!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love the new Thank You cookies. So great for teacher gifts. Saving some for Teacher Appreciation Week, Kimberly Johnson !
Gina Pomering
I 💗 the option of sending to soldiers!
Michael Kennedy
Way late to the thread LOL...But it is the season.
In addition we sell out on front of our house regularly and all sorts of people stop by or just honk and wave, it's wonderful to see community come together!
Mike Prochaska
They 5 dollars here now
Donna John
Is there a new cookie this year, Kimberly Johnson ?
Kimberly Johnson
Everyone should check with their favorite local Girl Scout for the Council-specific cookie line-up, but YES! We are now offering a Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie which is gluten-free AND peanut-free! ABC Bakers is our council’s cookie supplier here in Central Virginia. 🍪❤️
Donna John
Heard a rumor that Girl Scout cookies are being delivered this week. Woop! Kimberly Johnson
Donna John
Bought some Girl Scout cookies yesterday and they're now $5 a box. But it still didn't bother me. :-)
Kimberly Johnson
We’re still at $4/box here in central Virginia, but I know some have gone up to $5.
Donna John
Good to know! I'll adjust the title.
Gwen Johnson
Can't believe it's already Girl Scout cookie time again! Makes me very happy!
Mike Prochaska
DId you hear that people are now selling girl scout cookies by disensories

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