Java Hemmat is the Founder and CEO of Hummus Chick ( In 1998, she moved to the United States to attend university. As a result of missing her mother’s home-cooked meals, she soon found herself falling in love with Middle Eastern cooking, exploring how beautifully spices can complement one another. She especially enjoyed making her own hummus, and experimented with the global flavors of her childhood that led to some tasty creations. The more she made it and shared it with friends, the more exciting and delicious it became.

It was during a surfing trip to California that she experienced one of those life-changing moments that you often hear about but never expect to happen to you. While sitting on her surfboard in the Pacific Ocean, waiting for a wave, she was struck with a sudden realization: if cooking for friends is her passion, and should start a company that allowed her to share that love of food and flavors with others. Hummus Chick was created, and upon her return to Nashville she rented a kitchen and has been living her dream ever since!

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