Heather Frey is the owner and founder of SmashFit.com, a site which focuses not just on the physical side of fitness, but on the mental and emotional sides as well. Working with clients led her to create The Change Challenge, a change by change, phase by phase fitness strategy, which was launched on The Ricki Lake Show. She then became the show’s social media fitness expert leading discussions and educating people on how to make the right nutritional and fitness choices for their life. Along with her appearance on the Ricki Lake Show, she was also the the fitness expert on the NBC show “Miami Moms” and also appeared on CBS Miami station. Heather has also been in SELF Magazine, BOCA Magazine, Natural Muscle, and Oxygen Magazine. She is regularly invited to talk about her specialty, the mental mindset of fitness, which is at the heart of achieving all goals. On top of being a loving wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls, Heather is also a Fitness Strategist, clean eating advocate, trainer, writer, speaker, artist, and former Figure champion. You can find Heather on Facebook and Twitter motivating and teaching physical and mental strategy to achieve physical and emotional transformation.

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