Fitness Concerns: Should You Always Feel Sore After Working Out? Here's the Deal... by Heather Frey

6 years ago

Fitness Concerns: Should You Always Feel Sore After Working Out? Here's the Deal...

Question: "I don't feel sore anymore after my workouts. Should I be?"

Answer: No. 

But, it's also OK if you are. Sore muscles are caused by tiny tears (microscopic) in the muscle fibers and generally occur when you first start working out, change your routine or incorporate new exercises. As your muscles get used these movements, they generally don't become as sore, or they're not sore at all, but that doesn't mean they're not still working. If you kinda like the soreness, mix things up:

  • Try pulley machines instead of dumbbells.
  • Try walking lunges instead of standing lunges.
  • Try sit-ups on a Swiss ball instead of the floor.

Hitting the same muscles in a slightly different way will not only increase strength and flexibility, it'll keep you from getting bored which will keep you doing it. Just keep in mind, the best and fastest way to fitness and that tight bod is consistency. If you push yourself so hard you can't move for the next three days, you can undo your momentum. If you continue to keep up the intensity, you'll continue to make gains, without all the pain.

Nicole DeAvilla
Great tip Heather Frey ! So glad you will be sharing more at tonight's 30Seconds Twitter Chat.
Heather Frey
Looking forward to it!
Elisa Schmitz
Excellent info, as always, Heather Frey ! So great to chat with you last night, too! xoxo

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