Fitness Goals: Are You Talking Yourself Out of Them? by Heather Frey

6 years ago

Fitness Goals: Are You Talking Yourself Out of Them?

Not seeing results like you'd hoped? Then what are you SAYING to yourself? Most likely there are leaks in your inner conversations that are are leaking your results. If you're saying things like, "I worked out so I can eat ___" or “I’ll start tomorrow” or you’ve only been hitting three workouts instead of four, then your little voice is sabotaging you.

Of course you can treat yourself sometimes, and certainly life pops up and you'll miss workouts, but if you're frustrated with your progress, that voice has to get stronger. That voice needs to say, "no thanks" to goal-busting foods and “I’m hitting my workout no matter what.” Your little voice can be your greatest enemy or your best friend, but ultimately it will do what you tell it to do. Start to talking yourself into your success!

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Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Heather Frey ! You always inspire me, chica! ❤️
Nicole DeAvilla
This is #TRUTH. Thanks for the reminder Heather Frey XO
Tiffany Zook
That little voice is getting me to the gym tomorrow no matter what!

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