It's National Tooth Fairy Day: What to Say & Do If the Tooth Fairy Forgets to Come! by Kim Kusiciel

a year ago
It's National Tooth Fairy Day: What to Say & Do If the Tooth Fairy Forgets to Come!

Speaking from experience, here are some ways to respond when the Tooth Fairy forgets to come. (Tip: Keep a stash of coins or bills in an easy-to-grab, but safe, spot!)

  • "You must have woken up before she could finish." Hurriedly, leave the room while quickly setting the goods on your little one’s bed, table or floor. Come back later to see if the Tooth Fairy finished.
  • "She didn’t forget you, let’s look again." Quietly slip the goods under the sheets or pillow.
  • "I heard she had to visit lots of houses last night. I bet she’ll come tonight." When she comes the next night, be sure the Tooth Fairy leaves a tiny, tooth-shaped apology note.

If those don’t work, the art of distraction and slight of hand work best. Keep the magic alive as long as you can.

Did the Tooth Fairy ever forget to come to your house? How did you handle it?

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Donna John
This happened more than once at our house, Kim Kusiciel . I wrote a story about it back in the day. You've made me want to find it. :-)

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