Weight Loss Wisdom: Stop Saying the Word "Diet" & Use This Phrase Instead! by Beth Aldrich, CHC, AADP, CNT

Weight Loss
3 years ago
Weight Loss Wisdom: Stop Saying the Word "Diet" & Use This Phrase Instead!

Still holding onto those extra few pounds you gained over the holidays? Start a new healthy eating trend and skip saying the word "diet." Instead, try using the phrase, "I'm on a new nutritional lifestyle approach."

Let's face it: fad diets don't work, so why even buy into them? It's really about maintaining a healthy, nutritious, balanced lifestyle and way of eating for life. For balanced nutrition, think: 

  • colorful food
  • fiber
  • lean protein
  • whole grains
  • plenty of water
  • rest
  • reduce white flour and sugar

Remember to include daily stretching, yoga and/or breathing exercises and you'll see results!

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