Fitness & Weight Loss Plateaus: 5 Ways to Break Through & Get More Results! by Dana Pieper

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4 years ago
Fitness & Weight Loss Plateaus: 5 Ways to Break Through & Get More Results!

Have you hit a fitness or weight loss plateau? Here are some ways to break through: 

  • Add technology. Strap on a heart rate monitor and/or wear a Fitbit or band to track your activity and steps outside the gym. 
  • If you've been lifting the same weight for six months, you should go up a bit. 
  • Speed up your walk or run on your treadmill. 
  • Make note of how low you're squatting and lunging. You may have gotten comfortable and aren't working as hard. 
  • Add a new workout to your routine; something different to throw at your body. Change is good and your body may respond.

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Dawn Taylor
As a personal trainer I increase weights gradually as it gets too easy but the most effective workout I recommend is one that combines high intensity cardio with strength training a couple of times a week. It’s my go to for them and for me. Many HIIT workouts online as well as Tabata workouts with or without weights.

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