​A Path Through Loneliness: 4 Spiritual Lessons to Help You Cope by Diana Cole

2 years ago

​A Path Through Loneliness: 4 Spiritual Lessons to Help You Cope

Throughout my life I have wanted to feel safe, protected, not alone. I have come to understand that the feeling of loneliness is one that I have the ability to access quite easily. I have the ability to feel alone in this body, alone in my house or alone in the world. 

As I moved deeper into my work as a teacher and a conduit for spirit, I recognized more fully that I had to acquire a deep understanding of the pain that other people go through. Through physical and emotional pain, I was able to understand the pain of others; the pain tied us together; it made me feel safe, protected, not alone! When I finally chose to embrace pain (mine and others’), to wrap my arms around it, I found that the sting and ache of the pain was released in an instant.

Here are my spiritual lessons for coping with loneliness: 

1. In Times of Grief, Find Gratitude

One of life’s inevitable experiences that causes me to feel the most alone is living through the passing of someone I love. With the encouragement of spirit, I began to look at this as a lesson to be learned rather than a deficit to be fixed. In times of grief, I suggest remembering how valuable a human lifetime is. In reality, we are not here for very long.

2. View Life As a Mission Rather Than a Series of Problems to Solve

Loneliness should be seen as part of your life’s journey rather than a specific problem that needs to be fixed. We are all on earth to learn lessons we need to grow as souls. Our loneliness is part of this process. Seen this way, we begin to embrace the state of being and seek its lessons, rather than desperately trying to cure it.

3. Embrace Your Connection to All Human Beings

In times of grief and loneliness, it’s easy to focus on one’s own suffering. But it is important to look outwards and try to understand other people’s pain. The suffering of humanity connects us all.

4. Do Not Weather Storms Alone

Take time to allow yourself to remember the people you have loved who have passed. In your memory of them, you have the ability to harness the energy and the love to help you in the here and now.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful words, Diana Cole . Agree that we are all connected and we all need each other. We are so much stronger together than we are on our own.
Gratitude helps with so much, including loneliness.
Julio Caro
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