Courage: Why It's the One Thing You Need to Move Forward (No Strength Required) by Roxane Goss

2 years ago

Courage: Why It's the One Thing You Need to Move Forward (No Strength Required)

Courage. Such a small word, yet so powerful. It can bring us beyond ourselves and our current situation. It has the power to transform our lives even in the darkest of times. Courage makes it possible for one to keep moving forward even when we don’t have the strength.

That one little word has been showing up for me a lot lately. I think it’s trying to tell me something. Maybe it’s time to muster up courage and break through the barriers in my life!

So often, we sit within our comfort zone because it seems easier than moving forward. Maybe we fear leaving those we lost behind. Or could it be that we don’t push ourselves beyond our limits for fear we might grow – that we will actually feel the pain ease? Then what? What will people think?

Here’s what I know: It’s here in my own comfort zone where I will start to die – not a physical death, but a spiritual and emotional one. Loss is painful and I often don’t feel strong. But, I don’t need strength to keep moving forward, beyond my own self-inflicted barriers. I need courage.

It’s time to be brave, to bring on the courage and fight for a truly authentic life that brings joy, passion, love and serves others.

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Elisa Schmitz
"Courage makes it possible for one to keep moving forward even when we don’t have the strength." Oh, how I love this. Thank you thank you thank you, Roxane Goss . xoxoxoxo
Roxane Goss
Thank you Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds! So often we aren’t strong and that’s ok, but we can find courage! Even if it’s just a tiny bit!
Donna John
I just killed my first snake, a copperhead. When I was standing there with my snake boots on and shovel in hand, I lost the confidence I had when I went to grab them from the garage. My heart started racing and I froze. You know what I started thinking about that made me do it? This post from Roxane Goss . Honestly, it's what made me finally get the COURAGE to do it. What you write matters!
Roxane Goss
Yikes! Snakes? That does take courage Donna John ! Thanks for your kind comments! I’m glad my writing matters! This means a lot to me!
Elisa Schmitz
Oh, Donna John , this is amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience. It gives me courage, too! Roxane Goss , I just re-read this post. It is so very powerful and resonates even more during these challenging times, thank you! Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Ann Marie Patitucci
YES! So true, especially now.

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