​Why Emotional Healing Matters: A Holistic Perspective to Sorting Out Your Emotions by Dr. Bradley Nelson

3 years ago

​Why Emotional Healing Matters: A Holistic Perspective to Sorting Out Your Emotions

As people now grapple with emotions such as fear and worry, there are things they can do to protect their emotional health. Being emotionally healthy doesn’t mean you’re always happy. What it does mean is that you’re aware of your emotions  positive or negative  and that you are able to deal with them. You might feel angry, stressed out or sad from time to time, but you know how to manage your emotions and recognize when you might need a little help sorting them out. Here are some tips to build emotional healing:

1. Stay Socially Connected: Isolating yourself could make emotional healing more difficult. Everyone needs alone time, but when you’re consistently isolated, it could make you more prone to feeling depressed or stressed. Be sure you stay emotionally connected to people in meaningful ways (beyond scrolling through social media). Say hi to strangers, schedule lunch with a friend, shoot the breeze with coworkers and, of course, call your mom. Even at times when it’s not possible to be together in person, use technology and good old-fashioned phone calls to connect with people and have real conversations.

2. Express Your Feelings: Keeping sadness, anger or worry inside can really stress you out. Let people know when something is bothering you. Find someone to talk to when you need to vent. Be mindful of how you do it, but letting your feelings out in appropriate ways  like an honest but tactful conversation  can go a long way toward emotional healing.

3. Practice Emotional Energy Healing: The Emotion Code® can help you with emotional healing by resolving negative energies from the past that could be trapped inside you. Trapped Emotions are literal, physical energies that may become lodged in any part of the body, and they could lead to emotional and physical distress. In a few simple steps, you could regularly clear out those energies and work toward emotional healing.

If you’re healthy emotionally, you’ll likely have better control over your feelings, thoughts and actions, which can help you in your career and relationships. Practicing emotional healing and taking care of your emotional health is a great way to ensure you can bounce back when things go wrong.

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So many people are suffering right now. Thanks for these important tips.
Elisa Schmitz
Very timely and very appreciated, Dr. Bradley Nelson . These times are unprecedented and we need to take care of emotional and mental health as a priority. Thanks for your helpful tips.
I think self-expression is the key. That's what these protests seem to be about. People need to get those feelings out. It's way overdue.
Alejandra Prado
Very interesting, emotional health is a key to having a healthy and happy life.
Maret Toto
Emotional health need to recovery by our self
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....
Disciple making movement
That's where we process our emotions and our behavioural responses. So say you've had a trauma in your life, things may happen.

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