Could More Sleep Mean Better COVID-19 Vaccination Results? How Sleep May Help You Get the Most Benefit From Vaccinations by Jacob Teitelbaum

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3 years ago

Could More Sleep Mean Better COVID-19 Vaccination Results? How Sleep May Help You Get the Most Benefit From Vaccinations

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has officially endorsed sleep as a proven way to get the most benefits from vaccinations. Sleep is critical for optimizing immune function. One of the most powerful ways to suppress immunity is through sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that vaccines are more likely to enhance immunity if you have good sleep for a few nights before and after a vaccination.

The AASM points to a 2020 study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine showing that flu vaccine was more effective for people who had enough sleep two nights before vaccination compared to those who didn’t have sufficient shuteye. Another older study showed a lower antibody response and less likelihood of protection among people who had less sleep before and after receiving vaccinations for hepatitis A and B.

Most people today habitually don’t get enough sleep, and especially now with the stress of the pandemic many are sleeping even less. For these tough times, I emphasize cultivating better sleep hygiene. Whether you’re in line for a vaccination or not, getting more sleep will only benefit your immune response.

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Donna John
Wow!! This is fascinating information. Another reason for us to get more sleep. Jacob Teitelbaum
Mike Prochaska
I couldn’t stay awake after my first shot. I pretty much slept all day Monday and most of Tuesday.
Wow, important to know this, thanks.
Elisa Schmitz
This makes total sense. My sleep has been off during the pandemic, as with so many others. I am working on this. Thank you for the helpful info, Jacob Teitelbaum !
Nicole DeAvilla
I hadn't thought about this, but it makes total sense! Another reason to keep on working on getting enough sleep.

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