Zinc, Vitamin D & Coronavirus: A Doctor Tells You Why These Vitamins & Minerals May Be Critical for COVID-19 Protection & Survival by Jacob Teitelbaum

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3 years ago

Zinc, Vitamin D & Coronavirus: A Doctor Tells You Why These Vitamins & Minerals May Be Critical for COVID-19 Protection & Survival

Zinc may be poison for the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus. Research shows that Zinc may not only kill the virus on contact, but also may slow COVID-19 reproduction. A new study reported in Medscape confirms in humans what has been seen in-vitro.

Among people hospitalized with COVID-19, low zinc levels were associated with a 2.3-fold increased risk of death compared to those with optimal plasma zinc levels. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that low  vitamin D levels are also associated with much worse outcomes. Even beyond COVID-19, vitamin D levels are considered one of the best single predictors for survival in the elderly. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has noted that he takes vitamin D because of the virus.

As the cost and risk of this simple nutritional support is negligible and the potential benefit is so high, I recommend that everyone I treat take 50 mg of zinc daily for one month to optimize zinc status, and then take a multivitamin with 15 mg of zinc daily to maintain optimal levels. I also recommend vitamin D 1000 units daily. At the first sign of possible COVID-19 infection, I recommend increasing the zinc back to 50 mg a day for one month.

Viral reproduction often results in massive urinary zinc losses, and zinc is critical for the key hormone regulating immunity, thymulin. Therefore, it’s not surprising that low zinc is associated with poor outcomes. Meanwhile, the low zinc is likely what is triggering the loss of taste and smell, a key symptom of zinc deficiency. In other viruses, the loss of smell usually comes from swelling in the nerve cleft for the olfactory nerve. But this is not seen as the cause in COVID-19, suggesting the zinc deficiency caused by early viral reproduction is playing a key role.

Not surprisingly, given this research, optimized zinc and vitamin D levels are associated with a far greater protective benefit than any of the medications currently being studied for COVID-19.

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Donna John
Great information to know! I already take a multivitamin and vitamin D supplement everyday. Think I'll add zinc, too. Jacob Teitelbaum
Wow, thanks. I’m on it!
Big believer in supplements and am taking your suggestions to heart. Thanks, doc!
Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful to know that we have some natural ways to help us through these difficult times. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Jacob Teitelbaum . We appreciate you so much!
Tiffany Zook
Every time I get a scratchy throat, this stuff is the best. Haven’t had a sore throat since I’ve stared taking it . My mom has been at me for years to take zinc.. you win Marge Jesberger !!! It works!
Marge Jesberger
I read this article also. I'm going to up my vitamin D and calcium
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
I totally agree with this! I have been taking these plus other supplements to prevent and help with immunity. It is good to hear that I am doing the right thing!!! Thanks so much.
Jimmy Jenkins
Quite an interesting idea, worth a try
Vita Haus Supplements
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