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EVO Gym Total-Body Resistance Training System: A Portable & Compact All-in-One Personal Gym for All Fitness Levels

Trying to get an effective workout plan in gear is enough to make anybody sweat. Not enough time to exercise, not feeling comfortable being in a gym environment because of the coronavirus pandemic or the expense and size of workout equipment (a Peloton is big and expensive!) can make even the most motivated of us delay our fitness goals. With more than 60 percent of Americans saying they will not be renewing their gym memberships this year, there's got to be a better way to stay in shape. 

It's time to pack away those problems and save that sweat for the EVO Gym, a new personal gym that unleashes the same blood-pumping, heart-pounding, muscle-fatiguing workout as a gym at a fraction of the cost – no matter your fitness level.

How EVO Gym Works

EVO Gym is an all-in-one, foldable personal gym that allows you to have productive workouts anywhere and at any time. This total body resistance training system is portable and stores away easily, making it ideal for squeezing in workouts at home or when out and about, which removes the risk of going into a gym with other people. EVO Gym is the solution for people who want to stay home and stay safe, or who want to work out in an outdoor setting.

What makes EVO Gym different from other fitness equipment is its eight custom, incremental resistance bands that range from 10 to more than 300 pounds, allowing beginners to advanced exercisers the ability to achieve their fitness goals. No more bulky weights or having to jump from machine to machine for an effective total-body workout.

EVO Gym Is for Everyone

Whether your goals are to work the upper body, lower body or both, EVO Gym provides all the freedom you need for your personal fitness routine. The resistance band-based EVO Gym adjusts to every fitness level and uses six small balls inserted inside the band itself at 10-inch internals to serve as notches. This design allows the user to load up multiple bands, change the resistance incrementally or change the height of the bands to accommodate a wide variety of exercises. The notches allow resistance to begin at varying heights, making it possible to perform deadlifts or overhead presses with the same bands.

The portable fitness system has two handles, which ensures that it's easy and safe to use while performing your fitness workout. The base is reinforced with aluminum under the entire frame, which gives users the confidence that it will not bend or break under large loads.

Types of Exercises

A wide variety of exercises can be performed with the EVO Gym. Here are just a few of the exercises that can be done on this revolutionary system:

  • overhead presses
  • deadlifts
  • bicep curls
  • tricep curls
  • extensions
  • floor presses
  • rows
  • weighted pushups
  • skull crushers
  • calf raises
  • shoulder presses
  • side bends
  • front raises
  • shrugs
  • chest flys
  • squats
  • lunges

If you're not sure what exercises to try or start with, no worries. EVO Gym comes with video tutorials on basic movements and how to set up the portable gym – with more to come in the future.

After you're done with your upper body, lower body or total-body workout, EVO Gym packs up quickly to be stored away or carried back home. It's so compact and portable, it can easily fit into a suitcase and even many backpacks.

“EVO Gym makes working out incredibly convenient, allowing anybody to stay in shape no matter what is happening in their lives,” says Mitchell McBrayer, CEO and inventor of EVO Gym. “Exercise improves everyone's well-being. By allowing people to create and keep a consistent habit of exercise, I believe that EVO Gym will help transform the lives of many.”

The unprecedented events of 2020 have us changing the way we live our lives, so shouldn't our workouts evolve, too? Start your journey to a fit you by pre-ordering your EVO Gym today through its Kickstarter campaign.

This post is sponsored by EVO Fitness, a company focused on helping people take control of their lives and feel empowered by removing common obstacles associated with fitness and creating opportunities to achieve goals. EVO Fitness believes exercise is the key to improving well-being, leading to greater happiness, confidence, motivation and overall less stress. For more information, click here.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is amazing! What a perfect way to stay fit and exercise at home, during the pandemic and beyond. I love that you can take it anywhere, whether that means when traveling or just outside to your own backyard. Fantastic all-around personal workout solution!
Julie Rose
How awesome is that. Makes me actually want to work out! 💪
This is very convenient and makes exercise easier. No excuses now, I guess...
Wow this is way cool! Great idea.
I've been looking for ways to keep my New Year's resolution to get fit. Thanks for the inspiration.
Donna John
I think I need one of these.

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