Mental Wellness in 2020: 15 Mindful Steps to Help Fight Depression & Cultivate More Joy in Your Life by Lisa Faremouth Weber

3 years ago

Mental Wellness in 2020: 15 Mindful Steps to Help Fight Depression & Cultivate More Joy in Your Life

This year has been tough on everyone, and it is taking a toll on our mental health. Here are 15 ideas that may help you lessen depression and increase the love and joy in your life:

  1. Love yourself above everything else. Fall in love with yourself. Remember that you are liquid love, you are loved, you have always been loved and you will always be LOVED.
  2. Strengthen your faith. Stay close to God or a God-force. Create a home altar with sacred objects that bring you a sense of peace and grounding.
  3. Use positive self-talk. Affirm the positive. Stop telling yourself you are sick, that you have anxiety, are too old, too young, too fat, etc.
  4. Go to bed early and get up early.
  5. Journal.
  6. Walk in nature daily.
  7. Sing yourself a love song, dance, do yoga
  8. Smile. 
  9. Move daily. Motion is lotion.
  10. Practice random acts of kindness, volunteer, be of service, help others and shift your focus away from yourself.
  11. Grow your tribe, connect with others, join a self-help support group, join a yoga studio, congregation, etc.
  12. BE STRONG! Do 20 pushups daily, start strength training to build self-confidence.
  13. Remember "this too shall pass." You are not your feelings for emotions. It is totally normal to feel sad, depressed, anxious, etc.
  14. Raise your frequency. Put a picture of yourself as a kid next to your bed and hug your inner child. Tell him or her that you have them.
  15. Avoid toxic or negative people. Stay close to those who love you, support your growth, etc.

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Elisa Schmitz
Fantastic ideas to help get us through some very challenging times. Thank you for your insights and inspiration, Lisa Faremouth Weber !!
Lisa Faremouth Weber
Join me tonight at 7p.m. for Secrets of the Solstice 2020 on zoom with Astrologer Kelly Hunter email me for the zoom link at
jose bejo
I always recommend them to my friend. She is in great trouble. I hope she will be fine soon. Amen. Thanks for sharing this awesome info. It really helps.
Lisa Faremouth Weber
Jose. You are a great friend. Pray and you stay healthy, happy and whole and you will inspire others

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