Overwhelmed By All That Is Happening? It's OK! Remember This During the COVID-19 Crisis... by Kandice Cole

3 years ago

Overwhelmed By All That Is Happening? It's OK! Remember This During the COVID-19 Crisis...

Let's all take a collective breath.

In the past two weeks, you have been asked to completely readjust your life because of the coronavirus. You are taking care of kids, partners, parents, grandparents, family members and friends. You are grieving the loss of time, energy, money and resources. Yet, you still have to show up. So...

  • It's OK if your life is topsy turvy right now.
  • It's OK if you are not "making the best use" of your time by writing that book or working on a business plan.
  • It's OK if your kids have no routine and are on YouTube all day.
  • It's OK if you took three naps.
  • It's OK if you have had on the same pajamas for the past two days.
  • It's OK if your life doesn't look like it's Instagram ready.

You are adjusting to a new normal and it is very difficult. Don't put extra pressure on yourself to get it all right at this moment.

Give yourself grace. Nurture yourself. Take small steps. Make small adjustments as you put all the confusing pieces of this puzzle together. You get another day. Each day, do one small thing to make your world/life better. And if you fail, work on it the next day. 

Keep going and keep breathing.

You got this. We got this.

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Thank you for this. Exhaling. 🙏
Elisa Schmitz
As always, your words are so helpful, Kandice Cole . Thank you for saying what we all need to hear right now. Hope you and your family are doing well! xoxo
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing...

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