Intentional Adjustments: Here's How to Keep Your Life On Track No Matter What by Brenda Washington

4 years ago

Intentional Adjustments: Here's How to Keep Your Life On Track No Matter What

We set out on our day’s journey, our plans all mapped out for the day in tow. We actually feel really good about being able to put a line through that completed task, be it picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, exercising, meal prepping – and the list goes on. Each of our daily plans will look different. However, we all want to achieve the same goal: accomplishing our plans.

But just as you are feeling good about completing your plans, life happens. A child gets sick at school, your mom needs you to come over right now, your manager needs you to stay late at work. Whatever the interruption is, in that moment, you have to be intentional in making adjustments so that you can still complete your plans for the day. If you allow the situations or circumstances to make the adjustments for you, you will be inclined to just let something on your planner go undone. And that in itself isn’t so bad because, let’s face it, it’s OK to shift things to the next day, if needed.

Intentional adjustments thinkers handle interruptions like this: "OK, I planned to workout at 6 p.m., but since I won’t be able to do it at that time, let me look at my schedule and see when I will fit it in."

Non-intentional adjustment thinkers handle interruptions like this: "OK, I planned to workout at 6 p.m., but since I won’t be able to make it, oh well, I just won’t do it today. Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow."

And before you know it, one month, two months have passed by and you have not worked out. Wow! 

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, even putting ourselves on that daily planner is overlooked. We usually don’t intentionally make the adjustments to ensure that we will still get that workout in, get that “me” time in, etc. We don’t shift it to the next day; we tend to let it go all together. Thus, we’re not making our health and fitness a priority, and in turn not living our best life. Here are two things to keep in mind to help you stay on track, no matter what:

  • Don't allow people, situations or circumstances to make adjustments to your plans.
  • When life happens (and it will) make sure you are the one making the adjustments, and in so doing your plans will still be fulfilled.

Intentional adjustments are especially needed for us women. Adjust, if needed, but stay true to your plans and goals. We're so worth it. No excuses!

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Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Brenda Washington - life happens and we have to accept that. Our plans may change, but we need to make sure it's on our terms and not other people's. Thank you for this awesome insight. Welcome to our community of writers. We are so glad to have you and look forward to more of your tips!
Brenda Washington
Thanks Kandice and Elisa!
Ana Q. Washington
Love it! This helps with perspective a lot... I definitely need to make more intentional adjustments!
Brenda Washington
Thanks Ana! Glad it helps. You won’t regret the new mind set!

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