The KonMari Method for Your Body: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start Living a Life Full of Joy by Erica Hornthal

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6 months ago
The KonMari Method for Your Body: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start Living a Life Full of Joy

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are good that you have heard about the KonMari Method. People all over the world are tidying up by asking one question: "Does this bring me joy?"

If the answer is no, then the item goes. Why can't we do this for our bodies? We all could use more joy in our lives and we can do that for our physical beings, not just our environments. Here's how! Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Does this person bring me joy?
  2. Does this career bring me joy? 
  3. Does this activity bring me joy? 
  4. How can I find joy in my current situation?

You are responsible for your own joy. Repeat after me: I create my own joy.

If you are consistently succumbing to or exposing yourself to anything but joy, then you will limit your ability to feel it. Give yourself permission to get rid of things in your life that do not bring you joy. 

That's not to say that we can get rid of everything that causes stress, but we can be responsible for the things in our life that cause stress and find ways to make them more joyful.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so powerful, Erica Hornthal . "Give yourself permission to get rid of things in your life that do not bring you joy." I absolutely need to do this and really appreciate you sharing this perspective!
Erica Hornthal
Don't we all!? You are welcome. Thanks for this amazing platform that allows me to share what inspires me!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
That means the world to me because that's what 30Seconds is all about, thank you. xoxo Donna John Renee Herren Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Renee Herren
I LOVE THIS! ❤️❤️❤️
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Me too! Erica Hornthal knocked it out of the park with this one! Renee Herren
Noreen Braman
Love this! I have a mug that says "If it ain't fun anymore, it's time to mosey on." (a cowgirl cup) You are so right that you can't change everything, but you can also decide that your joy, your happiness, your self-esteem - comes from inside and increasing your percentage of internal joy helps balance things out. (new thought for me: finding joy at the gym. :) )

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