Gratefulness: 5 Ways to Express Gratitude (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It!) by Noreen Braman

5 years ago

Gratefulness: 5 Ways to Express Gratitude (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It!)

“What an ungrateful brat!” It wasn’t my mother’s finest moment, and, to be honest, not mine either. Thinking about it now, I am not sure that either of us had a good handle on what being grateful really meant.

Today, being grateful is part of the list of stress-relief recommendations published just about everywhere. In a way, it is like the Universe is calling each of us ungrateful brats if we aren’t thankful enough. Scientific studies show that gratitude helps with mental health issues, from depression to recovery from trauma. But how to be grateful?

  • Express appreciation. Thank a stranger, a friend, a loved one.
  • Give back. Volunteer time or give donations.
  • Pass the word. Recommend a great repair shop, bakery, etc., to others.
  • Thank yourself. Pat yourself on the back for what you do every day. Step back, take a deep breath and give yourself an appreciation break.
  • Each night, think of three things to be grateful for. And remember, there will be those days the only gratitude you will be able to muster will be being grateful that the day is over.

As Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day.” And that is a lot to be grateful for. 

How do you show gratefulness each day?

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So so true 🙏
Elisa Schmitz
Yes! Gratitude is key to a happy life. Love the idea of listing three things to be grateful for each night! Noreen Braman
Sheri B Doyle
I love the recommendation to Thank ourselves. We so often forget to give ourselves credit for what we do Noreen Braman
Dawn Taylor
Love this, and I needed it.

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